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mind of a minx

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minxalicious, sybaritic, complex, loving, bubbly and me!
absolution, accessories, ageplay, art, art nouveau, asphyxiation, babies, baking, bdsm, big hands, birds, bitten lips, black, black humour, blindfolds, blue eyes, boldness, bondage, books, bravery, bruises, camera obscura, candles, cats, charity shops, charles rennie macintosh, cherries, chocolate milk, consensual nonconsent, contrast, control, corsets, courage, cramond, cufflinks, culture, curls, daddy, dark lashes, decay, diamonds, dominance, ds, ducks, escape, examinations, eyes, family of choice, fascinators, fetish, flowers, fluidity, force, frazzles, friends, gags, glitter, gonzo, hair, hand written letters, handcuffs, head fucks, hedonism, him, hoods, humiliation, intelligence, internal silence, irn bru, irony, judy blume books, kilts, kink, kissing, klimt, la douleur exquise, lambs, langoustines, learning, lips, magic wand, mascara, medicals, men, milk, mindfolds, mucha, music, my friends, needles, orgasms, passion, patchwork quilts, penguins, people watching, photography, polka dots, poppies, porn, postfeminism, rakishness, ravishment, restriction, romance, ruination, sadomasochism, sarcasm, satin, sensory deprivation, sewing, sex, sex stains, shawls, shoes, skin, sleep, sleepy sex, snowglobes, sodomy, speculums, split lips, spring, stars, steel chain, stockings, strength, submission, tactility, tears, the lemonheads, the smiths, the word "cunt", ties, torrents, training of o, water, watermelon, whispering, white sheets, whore, wildness, wit, withnail and i, woods, words, writing